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Kangaruu Chatbot

Engage your employees in innovation, identify strategic challenges & impactful ideas daily.
Kangaruu automates idea management & time tracking, via a chatbot and its dashboard.

Hundreds of ideas created every day
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Make Kangaruu work for your business

Find out how Kangaruu can improve idea management

Generate & prioritize new ideas

Effortlessly gather employee ideas and seamlessly transform the most promising ones into actionable next steps with Kangaruu!

Build my innovation partner portfolio

Centralized & manage all your innovation partnerships and ensure a single source of truth with Kangaruu!

Track time spent on projects

Track time on your innovation projects using our chatbot

How does Kangaruu work ?

Meet with Kangaruu : your chatbot companion for MS Teams, combined with an intuitive dashboard for easy monitoring of key performance indicators (KPIs) across projects, clients, and services.

Subventions innovation
Make innovation at scale easy with a chatbot loved by your team

You'll never go back to Excel & e-mails! It is so much easier to involve your team and get ideas rolling!

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CIr & CII startups
Track ideas and project profitability like never before.

The missing link between ideation and value for the company. Kangaruu helps keep track of ideas, projects & partners accross the organisation.

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Subventions innovation
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CIr & CII startups
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