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Communities & associations

Ideal for teams, Kangaruu provides a simple yet powerful idea management platform. This allows community members and association teams to collaborate seamlessly, share ideas, and develop them collectively.

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Innovative companies & Scale-ups

Leverage chatbot time tracking to identify, secure & manage innovation grants.

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Large companies

Managing ideas, partners, and centralizing information across the organization is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge. Kangaruu provides a comprehensive solution to enhance innovation outcomes and employee engagement.

✓ Streamline the ideation & project management processes

Kangaruu offers a collaborative space for managing ideas and projects, structuring the innovation process within your company. Engage employees in innovation through the a chatbot . Kangaruu enables the creation of value at scale and enhances your company's innovation capabilities. Easily generate, manage, and prioritize new ideas to tackle organizational challenges, transforming them into solution-focused projects. The platform simplifies the ideation process, allowing for the capture and evaluation of ideas from internal and external stakeholders.

Efficiently generate and prioritize innovative ideas by orchestrating ideation campaigns within your organization. Utilize internal expertise and industry knowledge to anticipate future developments effectively. Seamlessly transform ideas into actionable outcomes, from identifying challenges to implementing concrete solutions. Our platform facilitates a smooth transition from ideation to project execution, encouraging optimal collaboration and breaking down barriers between conceptualization and implementation.

✓ Streamlined partner selection

Kangaruu simplifies the process of identifying ideal startup partners, especially when time is of the essence. Facilitate efficient prospecting and selection by initiating customized external challenges to solicit tailored solutions. Benefit from automated qualification processes enriched with real-time information to streamline partner identification and collaboration.

✓ Centralized management of innovative partnerships

Kangaruu allows you to consolidate and manage your portfolio of innovative partners in one centralised location. Establish a single, reliable source of information to streamline the management of your innovation partnerships and eliminate data discrepancies. Effectively map and manage partner portfolios, including relationships with startups, suppliers, investors, and universities. Build a unified database with comprehensive information on companies, individuals, and projects, facilitating seamless collaboration. Manage innovative projects by department with a centralized and intuitive view, promoting effective teamwork and project management based on the Design Sprint methodology. Experience enhanced innovation management with Kangaruu, empowering your organization to drive impactful change and growth.

✓ Enhanced portfolio management efficiency

Say goodbye to cumbersome reporting tasks with Kangaruu's structured data framework, enabling you to focus more on innovation and less on report generation. By implementing a shared innovation framework, foster collaboration, prevent misunderstandings, and cultivate a cohesive understanding of your partners for seamless cooperation.

✓ Effective project management collaboration to overcome challenges

Is the decentralization of projects within your organization causing inefficiencies? Without a unified global view, duplicated efforts can arise, resulting in wasted time and resources. Let Kangaruu support you in regaining control and optimizing project management processes.

✓ Streamlined Next Steps

Navigating through a large organization can be overwhelming, leading to missed opportunities and underutilized potential. With Kangaruu, provide clear guidance and structured processes to your teams, empowering them to drive innovation and take decisive action.

✓ Ensuring secure Innovation

The collaboration between Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and innovation managers is essential for the successful implementation of the Kangaruu innovation management platform. CIOs focus on configuring secure access rights to establish a robust framework. Through close cooperation with innovation managers and leveraging Kangaruu's expertise, they address specific requirements related to access and data security effectively.