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All the tools in the world are no use if you don’t have the engagement of your employees.

Automate idea management simply with a solution that your teams will love, and get precise information to help you make decisions about your innovation projects & strategy, on a daily basis.

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Kangaruu is truly irresistible, capturing the hearts of every team that encounters it. With seamless integration into your daily workflow on MS Teams, Kangaruu effortlessly becomes a beloved companion without the need for extensive training. Give it a try, and you're sure to be smitten!

Straightforward, transparent, and precise.

Efficient data input and a streamlined dashboard for quick insights. Access timely and accurate key performance indicators with ease. Kangaruu simplifies your workflow from data entry to monitoring seamlessly!

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Allow Kangaruu to take the reins. Say goodbye to chasing ideas, updating project milestones, or creating reports. Your reports are now automated and available in real-time!

Kangaruu simplifies ideation  for your teams, providing precise information for informed decision-making on the idea pipeline. With Kangaruu, automate the generation of ideas across your company effortlessly and garner accurate insights to enhance project management on a daily basis.

Hundreds of ideas created every day

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Join Kangaruu for free and experience a demo with a 14-day trial, no credit card required. Kangaruu integrates seamlessly with MS Teams, with thousands of ideas recorded  monthly.

Say goodbye to manual emailing stafs to gather ideas and embrace automated chatbot engagement, real-time reporting with Kangaruu. Whether you are an agency, consultancy firm, startup, or an established company, Kangaruu offers tailored solutions for efficient idead & time tracking and projectmanagement.

With Kangaruu, see a 40%  increase in collaborators engagement across your company. Ideas are completed on the same day, streamlining operations and boosting innovation at scale.

Discover the innovative chatbot integrated into Teams for effortless time tracking and project monitoring. Kangaruu's dashboard provides up-to-date insights for informed decision-making, ensuring optimal project management and profitability. Enhance your business operations and profitability with Kangaruu's comprehensive time tracking and project management solutions.