Brightidea vs. Kangaruu

Brightidea Innovation Cloud and Kangaruu are both innovation management platforms designed to streamline the process of idea generation, evaluation, and implementation. However, they cater to slightly different audiences and offer unique features that set them apart. This review focuses on Kangaruu's main advantages: its chatbot feature, ease of deployment for companies of any size, and lower total cost of ownership (TCO), particularly for small organizations.

Brightidea comparison : TCO, features, ease of deployment

FeatureKangaruuBrightidea Innovation Cloud
Quick and Easy Team Adoption✔️ Quick adoption due to integration with familiar tools (Slack, MS Teams).❌ Users need to learn a new tool and remember to log in.
No New Tool to Install✔️ No new tool to install; tracking takes place within tools they already know (Slack, MS Teams).❌ Requires installation and familiarization with a new platform.
Frequency & accuracy of idea gathering✔️ Weekly idea logging with the chatbot ensures frequent and accurate input.❌ Manual entry or forgetting to record ideas reduce frequency and accuracy.
Ease of Implementation✔️ No password required, simple Slack/MS Teams integration with an invite.❌ Requires logging into a separate interface to enter time and may need IT support for setup.
Powerful Project Creation Engine✔️ Handles various billing modes, tasks and sub-tasks, flexible tags, and assignments.✔️ Offers comprehensive project management features, but with a potentially steeper learning curve.
Managerial alerts & summaries✔️ Provides weekly and monthly summaries, alerts on time goals, budget, margins, and input for managers.✔️ Also offers advanced reporting and managerial summaries, tailored for larger enterprises.
Overall ease of use✔️ Highly user-friendly, designed for quick adoption and minimal disruption.❌ May require more time and training for users to become proficient.
Cost-Effectiveness✔️ Lower TCO, particularly suitable for small to mid-sized organizations.❌ Higher TCO, designed for larger organizations with more complex needs.

Kangaruu: key advantages

1. Chatbot feature:

- Engagement and Automation: Kangaruu leverages a chatbot integrated with MS Teams and Slack to engage employees in the innovation process. This chatbot facilitates daily interaction, helping to identify strategic challenges and impactful ideas. The automation of idea management and time tracking through this chatbot and its dashboard makes it easy for teams to stay on top of their projects without manual input.
- User-Friendly Interaction: The chatbot provides a seamless way for employees to contribute ideas, receive updates, and track the progress of their submissions, making the innovation process more interactive and engaging.

2. Easy deployment for companies of any size:

-Scalability: Kangaruu is designed to be easily deployed across organizations of various sizes. Whether a small startup or a large enterprise, the platform’s intuitive setup process ensures that companies can quickly integrate and start using the tool without the need for extensive IT support.
- Quick Onboarding: With a 14-day free trial that requires no credit card, companies can test the platform’s capabilities before committing. This trial period allows businesses to understand the benefits and fit of Kangaruu within their existing workflows without financial risk.

3. Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO):

- Cost-Effective Solution: For small organizations, Kangaruu presents a more affordable option compared to many other innovation management platforms. Its lower TCO makes it an attractive choice for businesses looking to manage their innovation processes efficiently without incurring high costs.
- Reduced Overhead: By automating idea management and time tracking through the chatbot, Kangaruu reduces the need for additional resources dedicated to these tasks. This efficiency translates into cost savings, particularly beneficial for smaller organizations with limited budgets.

Brightidea innovation cloud: a brief comparison

While Kangaruu offers specific advantages, it’s essential to understand how it compares to Brightidea Innovation Cloud, a well-established player in the market.

1. Brightidea’s comprehensive features:

- Brightidea provides a broad range of features including idea submission, collaboration, evaluation, and implementation tools. It also offers advanced reporting and analytics capabilities, which can be critical for larger organizations needing detailed insights into their innovation processes.

2. Enterprise focus:

- Brightidea is often geared towards larger enterprises with complex innovation management needs. Its extensive feature set and robust infrastructure are designed to handle large volumes of data and users, making it suitable for big companies with dedicated innovation teams.

3. Brightidea’s deployment & integration:

- Although Brightidea offers powerful tools, the deployment process may be more complex and require more significant IT support compared to Kangaruu. This might not be ideal for smaller companies or those without dedicated IT departments.

4. Brightidea’s cost considerations:

- Brightidea’s extensive capabilities come at a higher cost, which might be prohibitive for small organizations. Its TCO is generally higher due to the comprehensive nature of its services and the potential need for customization and support.

Wrap Up

Kangaruu stands out with its chatbot feature, ease of deployment, and lower TCO, making it an excellent choice for small to mid-sized companies looking to enhance their innovation management processes without a substantial investment. The platform’s automation capabilities and user-friendly interface offer significant advantages for engaging employees and managing ideas efficiently. In contrast, Brightidea Innovation Cloud is better suited for larger enterprises with more complex needs and the resources to support a higher TCO. For businesses evaluating these platforms, the choice will largely depend on their specific requirements, size, and budget.

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FAQ: Comparing Kangaruu and Brightidea Innovation Cloud

What are the potential drawbacks of using Brightidea Innovation Cloud?

The main drawbacks include a higher total cost of ownership (TCO), a steeper learning curve, the need for more extensive IT support, and potential challenges with user adoption due to the complexity of the platform.
Cost and Pricing

 Is Brightidea Innovation Cloud expensive?

Brightidea Innovation Cloud generally has a higher TCO compared to other innovation management platforms. This includes the cost of licensing, implementation, and ongoing support, making it less ideal for smaller organizations with limited budgets.

Why is the total cost of ownership (TCO) higher for Brightidea?

The higher TCO is due to the platform’s comprehensive feature set, which often requires more significant investment in terms of both money and time. This includes costs for customization, user training, and ongoing IT support.
Implementation and Setup

How complex is the implementation process for Brightidea?

The implementation process for Brightidea can be complex and typically requires significant IT support. This can include setting up the platform, integrating it with existing systems, and configuring it to meet the specific needs of the organization.

Will we need dedicated IT support to set up and maintain Brightidea?

Many organizations find that they need dedicated IT support both for the initial setup and for ongoing maintenance due to the platform’s complexity and the need for regular updates and troubleshooting.

 Is there a steep learning curve associated with Brightidea?

Brightidea has a steeper learning curve compared to more user-friendly platforms. This is due to its extensive range of features and capabilities, which can be overwhelming for new users and require considerable training. See the multiple blog post about the difficulty to onboard people on yet another platform.

How difficult is it for employees to adopt Brightidea?

Employees may find it challenging to adopt Brightidea, especially if they are not tech-savvy or are used to simpler tools. The need to learn a new system and remember to log in regularly can hinder user adoption.

Does Brightidea integrate well with existing tools like Slack or MS Teams?

While Brightidea offers integrations with various tools, the process can be complex and may not be as seamless as platforms specifically designed for easy integration with Slack or MS Teams. This can result in additional setup time and potential compatibility issues.

How does Brightidea handle time tracking?

Brightidea relies on manual time entry, which requires users to log their time on a timesheet. This method can lead to inconsistencies in time tracking accuracy, as users may forget to update their timesheets regularly.

What is Brightidea's pricing ?

Brightidea typically involves higher initial costs and may have a higher total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to alternatives. Pricing structures often cater to larger enterprises with complex innovation management needs, potentially requiring customized solutions and additional implementation resources. Small to mid-sized organizations might find it less cost-effective due to these factors.

How does Brightidea differentiate itself from competitors like IdeaScale, Spigit & Kangaruu ?

Brightidea stands out from competitors with its comprehensive innovation management platform tailored for large enterprises. It offers advanced features such as sophisticated idea collection, evaluation, and project management capabilities. Unlike some competitors, Brightidea emphasizes integration with existing business processes and tools, providing robust customization options and scalability. Organizations considering Brightidea should evaluate factors such as pricing models, implementation complexity, and the ability to support complex innovation workflows to determine the best fit for their innovation management needs.

Updated on 25/06/2024